Eagle, Dan Dare & the Art of Frank Hampson

Eagle was the creation of a vicar, Marcus Morris, and an art student, Frank Hampson. This entertaining lecture by Eagle Specialist and Arts Society lecturer, Howard Smith, is the back story of why and how they did it selling nearly one millions copies at launch.

• You don’t have to be a sci-fi fan to appreciate how Frank Hampson set up the most extraordinary studio in 1950 to produce Dan Dare and in detail see what extreme lengths he went to creating award winning artwork.

• Why did the Ministry of Defence order 6 copies each week? See how Dan Dare got there first with many space inventions that we now take for granted.

Eagle influenced millions of boys (and girls!) and inspired many future leaders and artists.

• This is an incredible and nostalgic story of the future and includes vintage film of the studio at work and a pilot TV programme.