This extraordinary and nostalgic talk is part of a series of lectures by Howard Smit, an Arts Society lecturer on Graphic Icons of the Twentieth Century.

Picture Post, published by Hulton Press, was the first photojournalism magazine and in the 1940s was selling nearly 2 million copies a week. In 1950, under editor Tom Hopkinson, it produced intimate and detailed articles on life in Britain and put over a very strong message of the need for regeneration and social reform. This lecture looks at 1950 Britain, the divides and how the nation lived.

The 1851 Great Exhibition was the last time Britain was proud to show itself off to the world and Herbert Morrison spurred on by the editor of the News Chronicle brought the Festival of Britain 1951 to the 27 acre bombsite at Waterloo. It also included the Battersea Pleasure Gardens, the seabourne exhibition in Campania - a converted aircraft carrier and numerous Arts Festival events around England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This was to be the kick start Britain needed with the Arts, Business and Tourism.

This fascinating lecture looks at all these aspects of life, regeneration, art, the Festival and it’s graphic design. A wonderful cocktail for a Tonic for the Nation!