While Covid-19 restrictions affect the usual activities of Arts Societies, I will be adding the following to my lecture offering:


For any booking I will give TWO LECTURES in order to allow social distancing at venues. These lectures are for the same day either morning & afternoon OR afternoon & early evening. This will allow Society members to socially distance by having a blank seat in between each person and staggering the rows. The normal one-off fee will cover both lectures.


Your reaction to any of these would be appreciated and if you would like a brochure and more details please contact me at


From the Autumn most of my lectures will be available to Societies on Youtube. Each participating Society will have an agreed one week slot and a link to post on their website for their members to access the site. It may well be by then that small gatherings are possible and I suggest members could meet when they wish in small groups for an evening lecture, have a drink……….

Much reduced fee or FREE with any lecture booking for 2021