The hard work you must have undertaken to put the Leni lecture together really shows.  It is not just a question of talking and flashing up a few still pictures, which is what I think a lot of Zoom lectures are.  Collecting so many films, pictures etc has obviously taken you years.  Putting everything together to make a lecture to be viewed on a screen in such way to keep us informed, entertained and intrigued requires tremendous skill (Art Soc)

I watched your lecture on the GPO Film Unit yesterday – the perfect antidote to a gloomy wet day. I  enjoyed it immensely and thought it fascinating. There was so much amazing archive footage and your informative commentary gave insights into the context, content and makers. I loved the little touches like the images on stage curtains which then opened to show the film. (Art Soc)

I looked at your lecture this afternoon and very much enjoyed not only the content but your measured delivery. Listening to the fevered speech on some of these radio programmes it was a real pleasure to listen to your clearly audible tones. And that's to say nothing about your well-thought out narrative - no wonder you've got such a full diary for the days when normality returns (Art Soc)

Just watched your You Tube film about the GPO film unit.  Absolutely fascinating. Thoroughly enjoyed it and especially the overview of the early films and build up to the GPO Unit.   

Well done producing such a well illustrated and excellent talk.(Art Soc)

Excelllent, informative, innovative and professional (Art Soc)

Many thanks for the GPO Film Unit talk on u-tube which I found fascinating.(U3A)

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